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Cardno (QLD) Pty Ltd

Silver Corporate Member
Cardno (QLD) Pty Ltd 515 St Paul's Terrace

Fortitude Valley
QLD Australia


Cardno is an integrated professional services provider, delivering a diverse range of services including emerging markets services, structural, geotechnical, civil and environmental engineering (in areas such as urban, traffic, water and coastal), survey and mapping, planning/project management and asset management services. We operate with a global network of over 6200 staff in more than 250 offices across projects in over 85 countries. Together we form a strong multidisciplinary team with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and passion for improving the physical and social environments that underpin communities around the world. Cardno has a long history of assisting infrastructure owners to manage their assets to meet service levels while minimising whole of life cycle costs. Our staff are experienced in strategic planning, business improvement, risk management, infrastructure valuation, whole of life cycle costing, maintenance planning and optimisation, asset management gap analysis and technical due diligence.