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Transurban Ltd

Gold Corporate Member
Transurban Ltd Level 23, Tower One, Collins Square
727 Collins Street
Victoria Australia


Transurban is an international toll road owner, developer and operator with interests in Australia and the US. Transurban is focused on being the infrastructure partner of choice to achieve the best outcomes for our government partners, the community and investors.

We provide effective transportation solutions to support the growth and well-being of our cities utilising our core capabilities of network understanding and planning, operations and customer management, project development and delivery, technology application and community engagement.

Since starting as single-purpose business with CityLink in 1996, Transurban is now a top 20 ASX company with more than five million customers globally.

In Australia, Transurban is owner and manager of CityLink in Melbourne and has interests in six toll roads in Sydney. In Brisbane, Transurban has a 62.5% ownership stake in five toll roads. We have major projects in development in each of these cities.

In the US, we have two Express Lanes facilities in Northern Virginia, which create a 71-kilometre free-flowing regional transportation network serving Washington DC and surrounding suburbs.