• AMCouncil making headlines

    newspaper 159877 1280Martin Kerr is the AMCouncil representative on the Australian MB19 Committee which is represented at TC251/ISO Committee (the continuation of ISO55000x committee).  You can read the article he wrote for the current edition of the LGFocus in the Engineering and Public Works section about the work of the TC251/ISO Committee here.

  • AMCouncil Members Advising Internationally


    AMCouncil Liaison Commissioner, Peter Kohler, has contributed to an ISO55000 White Paper “Asset Management in High Performance Organisations” designed primarily for a US Audience. The paper provides a brief history of the evolution of ISO55000 Management Standard, benefits of using ISO55000 and who is using the standard around the world. To download an overview of the paper published by the Asset Leadership Network, please visit here.

  • Building an Asset Management System Framework

    System FrameworkAn asset management system is a set of complex processes and interactions to plan and control asset related activites. The asset management framework, whilst not an explicit requirement of ISO 55001, sets out to help define what the organisation's functioning asset management system looks like.

  • Global Standards working Together

    Image Three CroppedThe Sydney Chapter of the AMCouncil recently got together to take a look into Facilities Management and in particular the recent ISO Standards. Stephen Ballesty, Director In Touch Advisory, guided us through the new standards and the difference/alignments with ISO55000. Read on for further details.

  • Implementing an AM System in a Mature Workplace Culture

    ImplementationWhile the requirements of ISO55001:2014 Asset Management are the same for every organisation, the approaches used to implement an effective asset management system are not.

    All organisations have unique characteristics dependant on, for example, size, industry, activity and leadership. The maturity of the organisation is one such characteristic.

  • ISO 55000

    CG ISO55000

    The International Standards Organisation (ISO) 5500X Asset Management suite was released in 2014 and is comprised of three standards, namely:

    • ISO 55000 Asset management – Overview, principles and terminology;
    • ISO 55001 Asset management – Management systems – Requirements; and
    • ISO 55002 Asset management – Management systems – Guidelines for the application of ISO 55001.

    The importance of asset management has not only been reinforced by these standards, but there is now a clear and broadly accepted definition of assets, their business context and the requirements of an asset management system because of these standards. ISO 55001 identifies the requirements of a management system (for the management of assets) and clearly positions asset management as a key element of the broader business management system including, but not limited to, safety management, people management and financial management.

    In 2012-2013, directly before the publication of ISO 55000, the Asset Management Council actively participated in the ISO committee (ISO PC 251) to create these standards for asset management. The Asset Management Council intends to be at the forefront of assisting members and the broader community in the implementation of these ISO standards, and in order to do so we have created a Companion Guide to ISO 55001.

    AMBoK Publication 001: Companion Guide to ISO 55001 is designed to:

    • Provide clarity on the scope of the ISO 5500X Suite of Standards;
    • Aassist with the interpretation of requirements of the standards;
    • Provide guidance to organisations on typical criteria evidence to meet the requirements of ISO 55000 and 55001; and
    • Act as a record of the current status of requirements for the purpose of collecting broader stakeholder input.

    The guide is available for purchase by clicking the following link:

    Also, for the full ISO 55000 document, please visit ISO's website, here:

  • Thanks for attending, Melbourne

    ISOTC251The Melbourne chapter hosted an information session on the recent work of the TC251 standards committee last Thursday. Tom Carpenter, an AMC Board member and the Professionals Australia representative on TC251, explained the challenges the committee has been embracing to provide asset managers with additional material on value. Probably one of the more perplexing concepts for asset managers is making choices about value measurement. The TC251 committee has explored several options for measuring value in the next draft of the ISO 5500 Standards, including financial, safety, social and environmental parameters. AMC and EA members in Melbourne were enthusiastic with questions and feedback about the work of the TC251 committee and the more general work on asset management standards.

  • To raise awareness of appropriate accredited certification to ISO55001

    If your organisation is considering certification under ISO 55001 in the near future, it is pertinent you read further.
    Recently, various organizations have acquired certification for ISO 55001 without following the necessary procedures to be certified. The result is that these organizations' ISO 55001 certifications do not have recognition from governing bodies in asset management (ISO & JAS-ANZ) as being certified under ISO 55001 and may not be compliant with the standards published in ISO 55001.