• Digital Infrastructure Symposium

    Friday 17th November 2017
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Date: Friday 17th November 2017
Time: 9:00 – 5:00
Where: Windsor Hotel, Burke Room, 11 Spring Street, Melbourne

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Welcome from the Symposium Chair

In an ever changing and complex world, those without a digital strategy will fail. Our customers and stakeholders have increasing expectations for personalisation, speed and security of information sharing and high quality services that demonstrate value for money.

The symposium is designed to simulate, energise and align thinking for asset intensive owners and operators to embrace value extraction from the digital representation of our physical world.

We will explore the art of the possible for those who seek to make it a reality. Topics covered include design and construction of our digital assets, the analytics and insights we can realise over the whole life cycle, the personal and professional capabilities we need in the industry and supply chain, and what practical steps you can take now to position for a better future.

This one day Symposium is jam packed full of digital infrastructure goodness for every asset intensive sector with 12 first class speakers sharing valuable insights. Bring an open mind and we will provide the brain food.

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Held annually, this one day technical symposium covers a key topic that vis being discussed currently and the objective of the symposium is to improve the knowledge of digital infrastructure in asset management by delivering presentations involving national best practices on key challenges affecting most industries using digital infrastructure.

The Program at a Glance:

  • The Big Picture: Exploring key insights into the internet of things, analysing how to best manage those increasingly large streams of data, discovering what really makes a smart city and exploring cross industry communications.
  • Digital Risks and Opportunities: Delving into the realities of managing cyber security, ensuring data integrity and navigating cyberspace in today’s complex online world
  • Living in the Future: What research is showing as the most important digital trends that are set to shape the future of asset management.
  • The Digital Twin: Invaluable insights into data architecture, the latest standards in IoT and information structure
  • Whole of Life Data Management: Provision of a unique perspective on how to structure data and manage your workforce to ensure your data is ready to use at any time.
  • Virtually Speaking: A sneak peak into augmented reality and how this immersive platform has the potential to change asset management forever. We also explore how to better use more common platforms including mobile and desktop.
  • The Customer is Always Right: How do you really put the customer at the centre of your business?
  • Legal Leadership: What do core concepts such as privacy, ownership, partnerships, governance, leadership and accountability really mean for the day-to-day running of a business.
  • People and Change: How can businesses best manage succession planning, training and the adoption of new and emergent technologies and make sure their workforce is “digital ready”?
  • Predictive analytics: Data is all well and good but how to you extract real value from it? Tips on the latest developments in reporting, mash-ups, machine learning and predictive learning.
  • Automation & Robotics: Making sense of what artificial intelligence will mean for the asset manager.
  • Your Crystal Ball: Exploring what your future in asset management will really look like. What benefits are in store for you, and for your organisation?

Cost: AMCouncil Member: $350 Non member: $450

Register Online     Download PDF Program and Registration Form

Enquiries: Call Heidi Robinson at AMCouncil office ph 03 9819 2515 or email heidi.robinson@amcouncil.com.au