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by Maxwell Junge » 23 Jul 2015, 15:23

Welcome to the Asset Management Council's Government-sector Community of Practice forum!

This is one of the many places in which the Government CoP will meet. Before you begin posting and interacting with the forum, please click here: and check the tickbox so that you may receive the monthly newsletter, post on this forum, and be informed about all upcoming events.

Feel free to post and share as you see fit. All posts are moderated by the Asset Management Council, and we look forward to sharing your topics within the asset management community.


This forum was created in order for AM professionals in government bodies to convene, share, and grow their asset management skills and knowledge. It acts as a single meeting place for government professionals in asset management, bringing together and establishing connections that may have otherwise not been available.

Goals of the CoP

- Bring together a group of like-minded professionals in government asset management
- Share knowledge, experiences, and case studies in order to learn
- Create strategies for implementing and improving current challenges in asset management in government departments
- Help government bodies develop and enhance their asset management practice starting from the planning phase through to the retirement phase

Key meeting places of the CoP

- The Sydney, Peth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Hobart chapters will each hold government CoP events annually. To enquire about these events, please email the respective chapter chair.
- For those who subscribe, a monthly newsletter will be emailed, containing all government-sector news in the asset management sphere.
- The forum you are currently on!

We hope you benefit from the Government CoP, and we look forward to reading and sharing your forum posts.
Maxwell Junge
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by Gopinath Chattopadhyay » 24 Jul 2015, 12:45

Over 30 invited executives from various government agencies and asset intensive organisations from Qld, NSW and Victoria shared their asset management experiences, learnt from each other and explored the future direction in an executive forum held in Brisbane on 28th January 2015.

This executive forum was organized by AMCouncil Brisbane Chapter.

Organisation committee consisted of Gopinath Chattopadhyay, Chapter Chair Brisbane and Chair of the forum, Ron Shuttlewood, Vice Chair, Peter Stewart, Acting Secretary and Steve Berquist, Technical Coordinator from Brisbane Chapter.

On behalf of Brisbane Chapter, Gopi thanked all delegates, individual and corporate members, sponsors including Qld Rail, presenters, AMCouncil staff, committee members, Qld Rail staff and many others who contributed for making this forum happen.

Some of the outcomes were:
• Learning through sharing experiences
• Understanding current challenges and opportunities in implementing asset management
• Appreciation of ISO55000 and the value it offers
Following the presentations the group had a session on exploring opportunities for future collaboration and identified a number of actions for future work. AMCouncil is currently working on those suggestions for awareness of asset management, communications of tools and techniques and knowledge sharing.

Some of the comments of the day were:
“Asset Management is everybody’s business not just the business of the asset management team”, Aneurin Hughes.

“CEO is important. However, CFO needs to be convinced that Asset Management initiatives will add value to the organisation.” Jamie Maslen, NSW Treasury.

“Asset Management is a core component of ‘sound financial management’. In NSW, the Fiscal Responsibility Act sets out the framework for fiscal responsibility and strategy needed to protect the triple-A credit rating and service delivery to the people of New South Wales. Asset management, including investment in infrastructure, maintenance and enhancement are explicitly identified as key principles of sound financial management. Any degradation in the AAA credit rating would impose a significant financial cost to NSW Government as a result of higher borrowing interest rates.”, Jamie Maslen, NSW Treasury.

“Good Asset Management can result in a lower insurance premium.” Ben Hayden, NRG, Gladstone Power Station.

“Good is no good in today’s world. How we can do better. Learn and implement asset management faster for competitive advantage”. Gopi Chattopadhyay, AMCouncil, Chapter Chair Brisbane.
“Acquisition is news, routine maintenance and management of assets is not a news item. If one is not accountable then asset management may not be taken seriously. Improved focus on asset management is essential”. Joe Monforte, Vic Treasury

“Alignment of asset management with other systems and reducing too many systems to reasonable numbers is a challenge in any complex and big organisation”. Brett Billett

“No Big bang. If possible take it slowly, implement in stages (regionally, discipline, depot)”. Graham Brown and Tina Watkin, Qld Rail

These types of forums can be helpful in developing ISO 55000 advocates for various industries, differing levels of government, education of executives, reinforcement of the principle of the value that asset management would often require (a multi-disciplinary approach with asset managers, engineers, procurement, finance, operations and maintenance etc) and spreading the word with enthusiasm”. , David Adams, QAO.

“This type of forum is useful where everyone can learn from other industry sectors. Groups and hubs can be used for learning from each other in a collaborative way.” John Hardwick, GFMAM

Some of the feedbacks were:
“It was my pleasure to participate yesterday. I found the discussion very interesting and extremely valuable in the context of the work we have underway.”
Joe Monforte, Vic Treasury.

“It was a pleasure to meet everyone and share experiences. I found the entire meeting very informative and the experience and knowledge shared was extremely valuable. I hope to be involved in more such programs in the future”. Jamie Maslen, NSW Treasury.

“Thank you for hosting the event yesterday. I found it very interesting to see how ISO55000 is being applied across a broad range of industries. Well done”. Brett Billett, DGAMM.

“Thanks for the opportunity. Vaughan and I both enjoyed presenting and talking to participants after”. Peta Townend, Manager Infrastructure Policy and Planning, Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning, Queensland Government.

Major contributors were:
• Jamie Maslen, NSW Treasury
• Joe Monforte, Vic Treasury
• Peta Townend, Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning
• David Adams, Qld Audit Office
• Aneurin Hughes, Cardno
• Vince White, Department of Education, Training and Employment
• Graham Brown and Tina Watkin Qld. Rail
• Ben Hayden, NRG Gladstone Power Station
• Brett Billett, Aerospace Matls. Mgmt, Defence
• Sally Nugent and Gopi Chattopadhyay, AMCouncil
• John Hardwick, GFMAM
• Peter Way, IPWEA
• And delegates from various organisations including
• Department of Housing and Public Works
• Department of Transport and Main Roads; and many others from AMCouncil, Qld Rail, Asset Institute, Litmus Group and Queensland University of Technology.
Gopinath Chattopadhyay
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