Powering Better Performance in the Electricity Sector

BLOG10Explore how the Canadian electrical company, PowerStream, developed a new approach to defining its value and risk frameworks, rigorous capital planning and decision making cycle to boost its performance.

PowerStream's ultimate goal was to identify the highest value capital plan across the entire organisation (including fleet, facilities and IT), while complying with internal 5-year capital constraints and the Ontario Energy Board's (OEB) regulations. Discover how the implementation of a new value-based framework has significantly improved its ability to respond to the OEB's new demands around outcomes in four key areas: customer focus, operational effectiveness, public policy responsiveness, and financial performance.
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Determining Key Assets

CogsIt was a full house on the 27th September 2017 for Brisbane's latest technical chapter event on Asset Management systemimplementation: determining key assets. Asset Management depends upon the determination of key asset requirements in order to provide effective and efficient methods to avoid catastrophic failure or expensive rework to meet those requirements. How do practitioners effectively manage assets which are very complex or where they may be reaching their economic life when an error has the potential to cause significant loss of life and/or negative publicity?

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Defending Your Business

blog 9No matter how well you deliver value to your stakeholders through the careful management of productive assets, there are two potentially lethal challenges that your business can face in our changing world: the first is Class Actions and the second is Opaque regulatory Determinations. Explore the role of quantitative fact and risk based decision processes and demonstrable audit trails in development a successful defence and their application in achieving a defensible asset management budget.

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Asset Management in Space

Saving Space with a ToothbrushWhat an interesting time we had when Andrea Boyd joined us for a lunchtime webinar discussion earlier this month, on the 21st September. Andrea, stationed at the European Space Agency, shared insights into daily life on the International Space Stations, what astronaut training is like, future plans for space exploration and more. We even learned all about how a toothbrush was used to save space!

As part of this presentation, brought to you by the Women in Asset Management group (WiAM), we donated all proceeds from this webinar to our nominated charity, beyondblue. The Asset Management Council offered to match dollar for dollar the monies earned, and were very pleased to present beyondblue with a total donation of $660.

WiAM is a passionate group of Asset Managers who are keen to show the benefits of asset management in providing diversity in the workplace. An online community has been established for WiAM for anyone with an interest in workplace diversity. Sign up to the online community to receive information and newsletters here.

Advancing Decision Support in Asset Management

Slide 1The Asset Management Council was pleased to present the second in a fortnightly 'Asset Management in Action' series, showcasing projects from our Excellence Awards finalists during AMPEAK16 and 17, held on the 26th September.

Another insightful presentation, this time by Mike Schulzer, Principal Engineer - Asset Management Systems, for ActewAGL who spoke about how they developed a system of applications that align to provide their asset managers with the decision support to optimise the management of critical assets on a whole-of-life basis.

Over 40 people from around Australia and the globe took keen interest in hearing about this project and had lots of questions for Mike at the end of the broadcast.

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Our next webinar will take place on the 10th October. David Scott from Wave Digital will be presenting on his project, System Integration & Data Visualisation Framework for South East Water. For information on this and other sessions in this series visit here.