Organisational Awards

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Founders Plate

The Plate is in memory of the leadership provided by Brigadier Peter M. Robinson MBE during his quarter century involvement in founding and sustaining the Maintenance Engineering Society of Australia. Above all, Peter recognised the value of attention to detail. This attribute is reflected in the recipient who has demonstrated attention to detail in establishing a “best practice” asset management and maintenance capability in line with the AM Council Asset Management Capability model.

The Plate shall be awarded to a current repeat participant in the Asset Management Awards, with a minimum Silver Category Award, who has demonstrated sustained and significant improvement in asset management.


Nominee Award

The overall best applicant in the Asset Management Organisational Maturity Assessment Awards process will be presented as part of the Engineers Australia Excellence Award program in the current year (usually November). Silver grade and above are eligible to receive this Award. If an overseas organisation is the overall best applicant, it will default to the next highest Australian participant (overseas applicants illegible for award).