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Bureau Veritas Certification is the independent certification body of Bureau Veritas. Our Certification Mark is recognised and respected throughout the world as a valued symbol of reliability, impartiality and trust.

With 80,000 clients in more than 100 countries, delivering over 100,000 certificates, Bureau Veritas Certification is the world's leading certification body. Relying on a global network of 5,700 highly qualified auditors and expertise that is recognised by more than 60 national and international accreditation bodies, Bureau Veritas Certification provides you with a comprehensive range of certification and auditing services from public standards to more customised schemes, in the fields of quality, health, safety, environment, and social responsibility. To find out more please visit our website:


Asset management is a strategic, long-term approach which provides a foundation for improved operational performance and a sustainable business model. 

ISO 55001 is the reference standard for a value added approach to asset management. It enables the effective integration of all aspects of the asset lifecycle, from the first design phase to acquisition, construction, commissioning, utilisation or operation, maintenance, renewal, modification and/or ultimate disposal. 

The value of applying ISO 55001 can be achieved by any type and size of business; regardless of the criticality and complexity of the asset systems. 

The key benefits of complying with ISO 55001:
·    Manage an asset throughout its lifetime and improve performance
·    Take into account risks associated with costs in all decisions
·    Help to improve organisational performance and achieve sustainable business objectives
·    Create a common language between operational and financial departments
·    Achieve tangible profits over time with optimised return on investment and/or growth
·    Foster the sharing of asset management best practices between departments and sites
·    Be able to demonstrate to stakeholders sensible utilisation of assets and associated costs 
·    Improve corporate reputation and credibility.


Bureau Veritas Certification has been deeply involved with ISO 55001 since its inception by participating in the ISO committee for the ISO 55000 scheme series. 

Our ISO 55001 auditors are well qualified and have extensive experience from multiple industry sectors. Calibration meetings are regularly internally organised in order to improve consistency with the auditing approach.

Bureau Veritas has an in-depth knowledge of, experience with, and core competencies in conducting independent third party audits and certification against a wide range of standards. We also have the proven ability to deliver seamless global services with rapid response capabilities.