Canberra 14 AugustThe Canberra Chapter of the AMC hosted the second joint AIPM-AMC presentation to a packed audience at Engineering House in Barton, ACT on Tuesday evening of 14th August.

 After an introductory talk about how asset management systems could be better configured to deal with disasters and disruptions by Mike Schulzer, Mike welcomed the featured speaker of the evening, Chris Rubly who has far-reaching skills in systems engineering; strategic leadership and risk mitigation; asset and reputation protection; and capability assurance for operation and sustainment of complex mission and support systems.

Chris provided a fascinating presentation on off-shore oil rigs, and stepped through an actual near miss event where a supply vessel lost power at a critical time, and came within metres of colliding with a rig. This was followed up with an in-depth analysis of what went wrong in the various life cycle stages of this vessel by using the Asset Management Council’s own Capability Delivery Model.

At the end of the presentation, questions and comments came thick and fast, until we ran out of time. Joint presentations by allied engineering disciplines are an obvious success, proving a wider audience, and opportunity for cross fertilization of ideas and experience, and I am sure this collaboration between AIPM and AMC will become an annual event.

You can view Mike's presentation shared at the session at the following link: (Content available for members only. To see our affordable membership options, visit here).

Chris' presentation is avaible to share with his discretion. Please drop us a line at, so that we can forward you a copy.