big data

  • Perth digs deep within the mining industry

    Perth July 18 06Last week's Perth mining event was so well-attended, the chapter ended up upgrading to a bigger venue in the Deloitte building to accomodate the popularity! A quick AGM resulted in Anselm Boehl being re-elected as Perth Chapter Chair for another season, and we also welcome Michael Patterson to the general WA Committee. Also on the agenda were great presentations, great engagement, and great food and drinks. Read on for further details.

  • Quality Data – It Matters!

    Quality DataData has changed the world. How we live our lives, and certainly how we work. In asset management, there is no doubt that data can transform maintenance practices, extend the life of an asset, and through these features alone can bring in greater value for the enterprise. A quick internet search will show many articles and webpages devoted to highlighting the amount of data businesses have at their fingertips. The prevalence of big data has helped us all understand the three Vs: velocity, volume, and variety. What it hasn’t done is help us to understand the importance f quality data, nor how to ensure the data our business is leveraging is in fact to be trusted.

  • Shanghai gets a Digital Twin

    Digital Twin

    The use of digital twin technology in asset management brings a complementary partnership. Through their ability to predict downtime and failures, streamline maintenance procedures, and bring innovative solutions to complex problems, any digital twin has potential to help an organisation build value.

  • Sydney Chapter May Virtual Event - 16 June 21

    Digital Infrastructure assisting Asset Management

    Join the Asset Management Council Sydney Chapter for a technical session on implementing predictive analytics on one of Australia's largest rail fleets. 

    Sydney’s Waratah Train fleet consists of 78 trains that are connected to ICT Shore Systems – producing over 330 Million data points everyday.

    In 2017, Downer embarked on a program to use that data to perform predictive analytics as well as a wider transition towards condition based maintenance. The result was TrainDNA and an Integration Operations Centre.