• What does a good Asset Management Leader look like?

    IMG 0009Deeksha Sumanth the NSW Women in Asset management Representative (WiAM)  ran a WiAM led event for the Sydney Chapter on the 17 October 2019. A very well attended event with an expert panel discussing ‘What does an Asset management Leader look like?’ Deeksha described the WiAM interest group and certainly encouraged further participation form Sydney’s attending members.

  • WiAM welcomes Ella Hingston

    The AMCouncil’s Women in Asset Management (WiAM) special interest group (SIG) welcomes Ella Hingston into the WiAM organising committee. Ella joins fellow WiAM committee members: Lucie Mitchell (WiAM Chair), Dr Carla Boehl, Nicola Daaboul, Dr Monique Beedles, Mae-Ryn Chong, Di Scheepers, Wendy McPate, Lidia Pajmakoska, Ellie Kallianis and Helen Carroll, who are working hard behind the scenes on their program for the remainder of 2021.

  • Win one of three free memberships!

    excitedThe AMCouncil is in full swing. After a busy first quarter, we are now busy gearing up for the biggest conference of the year - April's AMPEAK in Hobart and we are feeling generous. For your chance to win one of three free memberships to the AMCouncil we have a challenge for you:

    Explain Asset Management, without using the words 'asset management', in ten words or less!