• MRiAM SIG May Event (Webinar) - 20 May 21

    Share or Learn - the Art of Influencing Action

    Join the Asset Management Council's Maintenance & Reliability in Asset Management (MRiAM) special interest group for a presentation on the art of influencing action, moderated by Shane Scriven, Chair, MRiAM.

    Have you ever completed an investigation into the reliability of a piece of equipment or system to determine why its reliability is low only to have the solutions sit and wait for action?  It is frustrating to complete an investigation, which can take considerable time and resources depending on the complexity, only to find that it is difficult to implement the solutions due to the ownership of the actions. 

  • National Symposium Registrations Open

    With the government sector taking up asset management implementation, it's a ripe time to learn all about it. Come along to discover the latest asset management happenings across states and how it's benefiting communities. For more info, visit:

  • New CPD Technical Webinar Series

    Bringing theory to life - Journey with us as we take a deep dive into six aspects of asset management, with each month dedicated to one of the asset management landscape subject areas, beginning with May - Strategy & Planning | Free for AMCouncil members | An easy way to earn CPD

  • New Webinar - ISO5500x Series An Update with Martin Kerr

    Martin Kerr is the AMCouncil representative for all things to do with ISO550xx and is the current convener of Working Group 6 which is overseeing the review of ISO55001 in conjunction with ISO55000. Join Martin on Wednesday 23rd February at 1pm AEDT for an update on the work of ISO/TC251 during this interactive online webinar. Two existing standards (ISO55000 and ISO55001) are currently being reviewed and are at committee draft (CD1) stage. Martin will provide an update of potential changes and seek your high-level feedback during the presentation.

    Click here to register to be sent your link.

  • New Zealand Chapter March Webinar (includes AGM) - 9 March 22

    Applications of Machine Learning to BIM and Asset Management, and Embedding Sustainability into Asset Management (commences with NZ Chapter AGM)

    Click here to register

    Date:  Wednesday, 9 March 2022
    Time: 4pm - 6pm NZDT (commences with AGM, approx 20 mins)
    Place: Online, register to be sent your link
    Cost: Free for AMCouncil members
    Earn: 2 CPD points

  • New Zealand Chapter November Event (Hybrid) - 4 November 21

    LV visibility enabling Energy Capability & Scaling a Digital Twin Pilot

    Date: Thursday, 4 November 2021
    Time: 4pm (for 4.15pm start) - 6.30pm
    Place: WSP Office, 6 Ossian Street, Ahuriri, Napier, New Zealand
    Cost: Free for AMCouncil; else AUS$30.
    Earn: 2 CPD points

  • New Zealand speakers wanted for 2022 March Symposium

    The Asset Management Council New Zealand Chapter second annual symposium brings representatives from diverse industries together to share asset management experiences, knowledge and challenges and provides a forum for networking and information sharing. We are seeking expressions of interest to speak at this event:

    Asset Management Council New Zealand Chapter Symposium 2022
    9 March 2022, Butterfly Creek, Auckland

  • NZ Chapter July Event (Hybrid) - 29 July 21

    Asset Management for Public Good

    Join the Asset Management Council New Zealand Chapter for a technical session on the New Zealand Defence Force's customised approach to ISO 55000 alignment for equipment management, and Wellington Water's strategic approach to integration and the pathway to reform.

  • NZ Driving Asset Management Performance Improvement Forum

    1Our New Zealand neighbours held a half-day forum, co-sponsored by AM Council and Unison, on driving asset management performance improvement on the afternoon of the 31st October. Topics included: Change management strategy to implement ISO 55001; One year beyond ISO55001, digital strategy; Lessons learnt by Transpower, Asset management and PAS 55; and evolving asset management.

  • Perth Chapter August Event (In Person) - 25 August 21

    Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management

    Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management is providing efficiencies through better information in real time and expediating the data analysis and reporting processes. Join the AMCouncil Perth Chapter to hear from four presenters who will provide insights in the practical application of artificial intelligence techniques and tools.

  • Perth Chapter Celebrates

    Perth Chapter committee, members & associates caught up together at Lot Twenty in Northbridge yesterday evening. The evening began with an introduction to the Perth Committee, followed by a year in review reflection by Committee Members. Thank you to the Committee for all of their efforts this year, and to our valued members for their contributions and participation to the Chapter. Check out some photos taken at last night's catch up below, and see if you can spot a familiar face.

  • Perth Chapter December Event (In Person) - 2 December 21

    Asset Management Approaches in Rail Infrastructure

    With the expansion of rail infrastructure in Western Australia, effective asset management will become a focus for the industry. Join the AMCouncil Perth Chapter for some insights into applying an asset management approach during delivery and operation of rail infrastructure.

    The event will conclude with a panel session to further discuss the presentation themes.
  • Perth Chapter end-of-year celebration

    Perth Chap Dec 20 7Last Thursday, the Perth Chapter celebrated the end of 2020 with a full house at Lot Twenty in a balmy 33 degrees with high humidity. Everyone enjoyed themselves, with representatives from government, oil & gas, mining and rail/transportation industries. Members from local academia also were represented. Food and drinks were enjoyed by all & everyone shared their excitement of what the New Year will bring. Check out a few snaps from the evening below, and see if you can spot a familiar face.

  • Perth Chapter February Event (Hybrid) - 24 February 22

    Asset Management in Ports

    Join the Asset Management Council Perth Chapter for a 3-part technical seminar on asset management within the ports industry, featuring presentations from three varied ports across Western Australia. An opportunity to join Dr Carla Boehl for a port walk of Fremantle Ports is available prior to the seminar.

  • Perth Chapter Session Recap - Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management

    Wednesday 25 August saw the Perth chapter hold a much anticipated and fully booked out face-to-face event at the offices of Arup (thanks, Arup!) with a 4-part technical seminar themed all around artificial intelligence in asset management.

    The audience were treated to presentations on digital transformation and digital twins; enabling sustainable cities; rapid ROI realisation using an automated AI platform; and applying computer vision to detect identification in pipes.

  • Perth Chapter Session Recap - Asset Management Approches to Rail

    An insightful, intriguing and informative evening where some of WA’s best Railway leaders, Keith Chidley & Simon Lane, discussed asset management approaches in rail. A healthy panel discussion was facilitated by the AMCouncil’s talented Dr Carla Boehl leaving the audience motivated to drive asset management throughout rail.

  • Perth Chapter Session Recap - Asset Management within the Water Corporation

    Our Perth Chapter kicked off their 2021 schedule of events with an in depth look at asset management from Water Corporation's perspective. First at the lecturn were Jakob Verhoef (Principal In Service Assets Regional) and John Nazimek (Principal In Service Assets Metro) who shared how Water Corporation is improving their understanding of risk across a wide range of assets. They explained how Water Corporation is using data to prioritise asset renewals and shared their journey developing Asset Class Management Plans.

  • Perth Chapter Session Recap - Government CoP

    The Asset Management Council Perth Chapter facilitated a government focused community of practice with virtually all agencies with large infrastructure asset portfolios represented, as well as the AMCouncil national chair, Dave Daines, and Perth Chapter chair, Dr Carla Boehl. This is the 4th government CoP the Chapter has run in recent years.

  • Perth on Emotional Intelligence

    Perth 20 June 19 2Another great evening learning about Emotional Intelligence, what it is and how it can support the implementation of Asset Management. This workshop lead by ‘Critical Components’ gave a psychological perspective on being more effective as an individual and as a team.

    The AGM was also held and a full strength committee elected including 3 new committee members, Jane Agnew, Therese Brooks and Tristan Velnoweth.

  • Perth Session Recap - Asset Management in Ports

    Last Thursday saw the Perth chapter conduct their hybrid technical session. It was an insightful and informative evening where Fremantle Ports, Southern Ports and the Pilbara Ports Authority were able to come together to present on asset management approaches in ports.

    You can watch a recording of the session, and download each of the presentation slides from the following links: (Content available for members only. To see our affordable membership options, visit here).