mentoring 2738524 1920The Asset Management Council is considering putting in place a mentoring program next year, and would like to gauge your interest as to whether or not this would be something our members would like to participate in.

The program we are considering would:


  • Be a structured program over six months (from approximately April 2021 to October 2021)
  • Include a one hour e-learning training session prior to commencement for both mentees and mentors
  • Include resources supplied throughout the program for both mentees and mentors

The purpose of the program would be:

  • An opportunity to reflect on professional challenges and achievements
  • Personal and professional development gained from problem solving and constructive guidance
  • Satisfaction from helping others and contributing to the future success of the industry

To be a mentee it would require an investment in your future of just $350 for AMCouncil members ($500 for non-members).

To be a
mentor, there will be no cost but you must have a minimum of five years technical experience within asset management, and be a member of the AMCouncil.

By putting in an expression of interest, please know this in no way commits you to the program, but we would be sure to send you further information when, should the program go ahead, you would be requested to commit to the program and fill in an application.

Interested? Kindly click below: