(CRS1400821) AQF Level 8 – Online Delivery Mode

Asset Management Council (AMCouncil) in conjunction with Centre for Professional Engineer and Education (CPEE – a subsidiary of Centre for Pavement Engineering Education) have collaborated to launch a new four unit Graduate Certificate in Asset Management (GCAM) commencing Semester 1 2021

The course aims to provide place-bound managers and professional engineers in industry with access to modern tools and skills to efficiently undertake a specialist role in asset management. Industry readily acknowledges specialist qualification is important in raising the status of professionals in the industry, and the online education mode allows courses to be readily offered to candidates throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as overseas. The online mode greatly assists the ongoing learning process for those who change employer and/or are located in rural/regional areas and are unable to access traditional face-to-face programs.

The units of study have been designed to assist with enhancing the knowledge and skills those wishing to embark on a career in asset management and for those wishing to enhance their career path as a recognised asset management professional. This program provides specialist knowledge with focused study, expert tuition and material that incorporates current practice and future directions.

Skills Obtained
The CPEE GCAM Graduate will possess knowledge and skills in the design, implementation, application and maintenance of sustainable asset management systems. They will have the capacity to effectively apply their learning to a wide range of asset management situations and systems, and the potential to develop into highly competent asset management professionals.

Study Mode
The course has been designed to be fully online with ongoing interaction with Unit Chairs during the Semester. Conducted using specially designed online user friendly study material, the programs are fully portable and can be studied anywhere in the world. Given the flexible nature of the program, minimal time away from the workplace is required.

4 units are required to meet the qualification
CORE: (compulsory)

  • Asset Management Principles, or CPAM*
  • The Economics of Financial Management

ELECTIVES (Select 2 from the available Units of Study, 2 of):

  • Project Management Elements
  • Sustainable Physical Infrastructure
  • Road Asset Management
  • Contracts: Principles, Management & Risks

* AMCouncil Certified Practitioner
NOTE: * Units are per Asset Management Council Certification Scheme.

If you hold a CPAM Certification under the AM Council certification scheme you are ¼ of the way to obtaining our Graduate Certification in Asset Management!
Find out more https://www.pavementeducation.edu.au/study/programs/gcam

Duration of Study
By studying two units in each semester a Graduate Certificate can be completed in as little as one year. As a guideline, each unit requires a minimum of eight to ten hours study per week over the semester period

Enrolment in Programs
The entry requirement for the Graduate Certificate in Asset Management is generally an AQF level 7 qualification in management, business, engineering or equivalent from a recognised university or higher education provider. However special entry provisions may be applied if a Level 7 qualification has not been attained. For full details please refer to the CPEE website.

Post Graduate Award from CPEE - Study Anytime, Anywhere
Operating since 1996, CPEE is an accredited private provider of higher education with Australia’s regulatory authority, TEQSA and holds quality accredited to ISO 9001:2016.
With the ability to undertake study anywhere in the world, the GCAM provides a valuable and truly global educational tool to enhance ones knowledge. CPEE
The GCAM program is designed to suit the needs of individuals through core and elective units. The online learning mode is designed to facilitate the earliest direct application of skills and knowledge back in to the workplace

The Advantages
The GCAM course provides both employees and employers with a number of advantages when considering knowledge enhancement by way of further study:

  • Online learning provides greater flexibility than face-to-face courses
  • Participants can study when and where they find the opportunity without compromising their existing commitments
  • Expert tuition is available with individual Unit Chairs overseeing studies.
  • Students can readily apply the knowledge and skills they learn to practical problems in the workplace
  • The study materials provided represent a significant resource which can be referred to at any time, including after course completion

Career Outcomes and Opportunities
There has been a massive investment in infrastructure and now more than ever there is increasing appreciation of the need for efficient project delivery together with the management and maintenance of the infrastructure to minimise the long-term lifecycle costs.
Asset Managers or specialists with the necessary skills are needed to meet this demand and a qualification from the CPEE can provide candidates with the skills and knowledge required to do so and to be regarded as a true professional.
A CPEE Graduate Certificate in Asset Management can open the door on a rewarding specialist career with opportunities at Federal and State government authorities, local authorities, private civil and mining companies, civil engineering contractors, engineering consultancy firms and regulatory organisations. Take your career to the next level and enrol now for the Graduate Certificate, or for any individual unit.

Further Information
To enrol and Further Information visit CPEE GCAM website https://www.pavementeducation.edu.au/study/programs/gcam  or please email CPEE at enquiries@pavementeducation.edu.au