tv 1015426 1920We've now just passed our fourth session in our fortnightly 'Asset Management in Action' series, showcasing projects from our Excellence Awards finalists during AMPEAK16 and 17. Thank you to David Scott from Wave Digital, who took the time to tell us all about their project, developing a system integration and data visualisation framework for South East Water, and to Tim Purves from Icon Water who talked us through the development of a Program of Work Balance Model.

Our series is able to reach our members far and wide from all around the world, with the benefit of them being able to join in during their lunchbreak from the comfort of their own home or office, as attested here by one of our members:

"This is my second time attending the Webinar using my work phone and computer.

I enjoyed the webinar; I learned new knowledge from my desk, I did not have to be with the speaker and yet I could still attend the seminar! As attendees, I benefited from questions and answers from others at the end of the presentation where was great!

This saves money (i.e. transport mainly flight tickets to the venue especially I am in Western Australia) and time for attending the seminar. It changes my original thinking that webinar will not be effective way to present a project to audience. This motivates me to attend more future webinars going forward! Congratulatations to AMC for introducing webinars to members!" - Dennis, Perth.


You can view recordings of these presentations here, on the latest addition to our website - AMC-TV. (This content is available for members only, see our affordable membership options here.)

Our next webinar will take place on the 7th November. Richard Lu from Sydney Trains will be presenting on his project, The Development of an Asset Information Submission Guideline for Sydney Trains. For information on this and other sessions in this series visit here.