Asset Management Maturity Model FAQ

How can I access the material?
Website available to register interest and from July 2016 for online self assessment (

How Much Effort does it take?
16 hours to answer all questions (approx. 150) and preparation time to gather information of 5-10 days

How much does it cost?
Free for Self assessment, Fee for Benchmark, Fee for Full Assessment. Talk to the AM Council

Is there an App?
There is a website from April 2017

Can you come and do it for me?
Yes for a fee the AM Council can do this. It will be done by a CFAM.

What happens after assessment?
Free gets a basic report, Benchmark gets an advanced report and Full gets a comprehensive report

Do I have to be a member?
Yes for free self assessment but for the others just pay a fee

What do I require to be an AMM Assessor?
CFAM and complete a training course

How does it fit with other programs?
This program underpins the Asset Management Awards program