Asset Management Conference, Melbourne 2013
MCG, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Monday 3 –Thursday 6 June 2013

Your Asset Management Meeting Point

Providing you with key networking opportunities, the latest asset management knowledge and vital technical resources.

About the Asset Management Conference

The current global economy has seen funding cuts for numerous organisations, resulting in fragmentation of internal business functions. Consequently, organisations are being faced with limited options to implement capabilities to deliver sustained profitability, safety and performance and have been forced to focus on short-term stakeholder benefits. While this method of operation can produce results in the short-term, the long-term financial, legal and governance issues for an organisation can be disastrous, sometimes irreparable.

Be part of your organisation’s solution.

Attend the 2013 Asset Management Conference to understand why asset management is more important than ever. Network, share your stories and listen to ways you can achieve the reliability of new and existing assets, consistency of revenue and integration between an organisation’s business functions.

About the Asset Management Council

The Asset Management Council is a non-profit organisation that unites asset management professionals from all industries during its annual Asset Management Conference. The Asset Management Conference supports independent perspectives by rigorously peer-reviewing papers for presentation.

For information about this event, contact: Zoë Fitzpatrick
Event Coordinator
Phone: +61 (0)3 9819 2515