Andrei Ezergailis

Andrei EzergailisAndrei spent nearly 24 years in the Royal Australian Navy as a Weapons Electrical Engineering Officer on Submarines, before joining ASC in August 2017 to lead ASC’s Asset Management efforts.


The Asset Management Council’s recent virtual defence summit, held in late July, was a huge success. Delegates were able to hear of the common issues that need to be addressed within the sector and thereby create an open forum of collaboration in order to successfully implement strategic and useful asset management practices.

The presentation delivered by Group Captain Adrian Morrison from the Department of Defence’s Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) highlighted the defence perspective of product management and the development of ISO 55000 through the lens of sustainability. Defence uses the term ‘product’ to describe its portfolio of assets, and refers to the overarching and integrative approach that encompasses each asset, its components, materials, services, information, and intangibles.

The path to product management within CASG focuses on sustainment of assets in line with a specific application of ISO 55000 to cater to defence perspectives. The ultimate objective is effective product management that underpins sustainable delivery of capability during the in-service phase of an asset’s lifecycle. Key concepts for CASG’s product management include:

  • Leadership and Culture » a critical and fundamental element that underscores implementation of any asset management plan. Good leadership and culture won’t guarantee success; however, poor leadership and culture will ensure failure.
  • Sustainability » important to focus on long-term outcomes that deliver optimal cost with minimal risk.
  • Assurance » evidence-based assurance throughout asset’s capability lifecycle.

These concepts are guided by shaping factors, chief of which is the focus on capability encompassing maintenance, supply, engineering, and business. In addition, shaping factors to product management include:

  • Complexity of organisation
  • Qualitative proposition
  • Commonwealth as owner, operator, and decision-maker
  • Deployable products equals high risk

In light of these shaping factors, CASG’s Product Management Framework includes risk management, objectives, scope, management plans and assurance. The aim of the framework is to ensure consistency, with a better alignment through acquisition to sustainment. The development of strong leadership and culture, underpinned by clearly defined roles and responsibilities, will embed an understanding of the scope of the framework. This organically leads to the framework evolving and adapting with the product itself. And the ultimate aim within CASG is effective management of assets and products.

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