Andrei Ezergailis

Andrei EzergailisAndrei spent nearly 24 years in the Royal Australian Navy as a Weapons Electrical Engineering Officer on Submarines, before joining ASC in August 2017 to lead ASC’s Asset Management efforts.

Anti SubmarineIn July 2020, the Australian Government released its Force Structure Plan, outlining priorities for defence policies and capability over the coming decade. As part of this plan, an $11 billion investment into anti-submarine warfare capability has recently been announced.

The anti-submarine warfighting (ASW) technology will provide simulated submarines and torpedoes for highly realistic training scenarios for submariners, aviators, and surface vessel combat teams. This will provide the ADF with proficiency in more complex operations and environments1.

A large part of ASW relies on separating ocean and other background noises from submarine signals, by using sonars such as passive acoustic sensing and magnetic anomaly detection (MAD). These sensors and sonars are now being used in unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) which, due to advancing technologies, can detect threats at a closer range and are also cheaper to develop, modify and deploy2.

The Force Structure Plan details the government’s intentions for new and adjusted ADF assets and capabilities, linking innovation and initiatives with the aim to maximise industry involvement with defence projects3. The investments made through this plan highlight the government’s plan to ensure the ADF is better supplied with assets that leverage technology and strengthen Australia’s ability to deny or defeat threats as they arise.

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