Michael Bray, Program Manager, Vehicle Health and Usage Monitoring Systems, Department of Defence (VIC)

The aim of the Vehicle Health and Usage Monitoring System (VHUMS) Program is to provide equipment managers with quality information to enable timely decisions making that will realise effective sustainment of Land vehicle fleets.

The VHUMS Program will log the data generated by existing and new sensors fitted to Land vehicles. The data will be transferred off-vehicle and analysed to provide visibility of the vehicle/fleet actual daily duty cycles and overall mission profile. Visibility of how well the vehicle performs in its environmental will inform sustainment management decisions, and by extension enable optimisation resulting in reductions in Cost of Ownership and improved Operational Availability.

The current status is that we have progressed through Proof of Concept, completed user trials on selected platforms and are now conducting Preliminary and/or Detailed Design projects on armoured vehicles and light trucks. The vehicle data is being sent to a data historian which processes it into operating statistics and condition monitoring measurement, before transferring the output to the Defence Corporate Logistics System. Within two year we will have approximately 600 HUMS enabled vehicles sending up to 180 Mb of compressed data (2Gb uncompressed) per vehicle per month to the historian. We are developing a new data historian that is integrated into the Corporate Data Warehouse and interfaced to logistics, finance and HR. The data warehouse uses an IBM toolset that employs COGNOS 10 to deliver reports to managers, dashboards to executives and prognostic data to the logistics system to automate maintenance triggers and by extension supply chain actions.

The endstate is reduced effort to the soldiers and improved data to managers.

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