Dams Safety NSW is an independent regulator established under the Dams Safety Act 2015 and ensures that risks to public safety, the environment and dam assets are at an acceptable level. To achieve this, Dams Safety NSW has implemented its Strategic Plan 2020-2021 that sets the direction of safety guidelines and longer-term strategic outcomes to focus on its vision of safe dams for NSW1.

Incorporated in this strategic direction is the Dams Safety Management System. The DMSM is the primary means of ensuring that dam failure risks to life, property, the environment, and public welfare are managed effectively throughout the lifecycle of the dam.

From 1 November 2021, all declared dam owners must implement a DSMS to ensure the safety of their dam as well as compliance with regulations. The document must address the safety requirements of the regulation and should describe how the dam owner addresses the risks associated with failure of the dam, and also refer to other key documents that make up the management system such as the operations and maintenance plan and the emergency plan. The DSMS is based on requirements in accordance with ISO 550012.

For further information regarding the DSMS, please click here.  

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