Government Community of Practice


This forum was created in order for AM professionals in government bodies to convene, share, and grow their asset management skills and knowledge. It acts as a single meeting place for government professionals in asset management, bringing together and establishing connections that may have otherwise not been available.

Goals of the CoP

  • Bring together a group of like-minded professionals in government asset management
  • Share knowledge, experiences, and case studies in order to learn
  • Create strategies for implementing and improving current challenges in asset management in government departments
  • Help government bodies develop and enhance their asset management practice starting from the planning phase through to the retirement phase

Key meeting places of the CoP

The Sydney, Peth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Hobart chapters will each hold government CoP events annually. To enquire about these events, please email the respective chapter chair.
For those who subscribe, a monthly newsletter will be emailed, containing all government-sector news in the asset management sphere.
The Government Community of Practice forum Forum.

Victorian Auditor General Office released the Results of the 2017/2018 Audit: Local Government report in December 2018.

The Local Government Sector in Victoria collected $10.66 Billion in revenue during the 2017/2018 financial year and spent $8.49Billion on operating expenditure.

One of the observations reported is that "The sector continues to show declining asset renewal and maintenance indicators, which can lead to increased asset management costs, disproportionately borne by future ratepayers, or lower service levels."

One of the recommendations made by VAGO is that Councils "develop asset management strategies through consultation with the community and prioritise asset maintenance and renewal while making sure they are financially sustainable in the long term."

Read the full report at this url


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