NSW Govt Village

The Asset Management Council was proud to play a major part in yesterday's meeting of the NSW government village along with Infrastructure NSW. The purpose was to formally launch the new NSW Government endorsed Asset Management Policy. It was also an opportunity to receive an update from the CEO of Infrastructure NSW on the key asset management policy reforms underway in line with the State Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2038.

The new NSW Asset Management Policy is critical to ensure a consistent and improved approach to asset planning and delivery across NSW Government based on current leading industry asset management standards and approaches.


  • On the agenda were discussions around topics such as:
  • Why asset management is more than just maintaining assets and requires a whole of organisation and whole of government response
  • The Government's new asset management policy requirements and what they mean for agencies
  • NSW Health Infrastructure's latest update on the development of their asset management framework
  • The benefits, support and opportunities that membership of the Asset Management Council can provide
  • Opportunities for networking and future asset management community of practice events

Key speakers included:

  • Tim Reardon, Secretary Department of Premier and Cabiner
  • Jim Betts, CEO Infrastructure NSW
  • Michael Pratt, Secretary NSW Treasury
  • Rami Affan, Executive Director Asset Management, Infrastructure NSW
  • Helen Carroll, Manager Strategic Asset Management, NSW Public Works
  • Dave Daines, National Chair, Asset Management Council

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