InfrastructureThe 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit was announced on Tuesday 13th August by Infrastructure Australia, the nation’s independent infrastructure advisor. The audit promises a forward-view of Australia’s challenges to protecting and advancing our infrastructure.

The 2019 audit discovered our major infrastructure sectors of transport, water, telecommunications and energy are failing to keep up with the rapid growth in our larger cities. The audit therefore examined the needs of communities against infrastructure. In adopting a forward-focus, Australia will be better placed to keep up with the demands of growth, and ‘deliver long-term changes to the way we plan, fund and deliver infrastructure1', said Ms Julieanne Alroe, Infrastructure Australia Chair.  

The 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit looked at the challenges and opportunities facing Australia over the next decade and beyond, with the goal of improving access to infrastructure on an individual and business level, leading to better decision-making and, ultimately, greater quality of life.  

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1 Infrastructure Australia Media Release ‘Record infrastructure spend the new normal, 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit warns’ accessed here