The Victorian government announced a large injection of maintenance funding for every Victorian government school. 

Mr James Merlino, the Minister for Education, made the annoucement on Monday 2nd September, stating that each government school will receive a share of $515 million. The boost of funding will ensure the existing 36,000 school buildings1are upgraded to provide school children a safe and modern learning environment. 

The funding will give the green light to essential, but often overlooked works, such as painting, replacing carpets and windows, upgrading facilities, landscaping and water services. Mr Merlino said, ‘Every single one of Victoria’s more than 1500 state schools will benefit from this investment.2'

The maintenance funding underpins other education budget investment initiatives, such as the Rolling Facilities Evaluation and Planned Maintenance Program. These capital investments ensure the school buildings are functional and well-maintained to meet the needs of contemporary educational programs and standards, providing a natural flow-on for Victorian children in every government school and classroom to receive a quality education.