Maintenance & Reliability in Asset Management


Felicia Tristanto

This paper discribes how implementing a system of scheduled mechanical maintenance for a production operation is not ground breaking in terms of maintenance improvement, just logical. The aim of this process was to move from an informal planned maintenance scenario to a formal predictive maintenance scenario. This  aper presents the lessons learnt during implementation of mechanical maintenance schedules for fixed plant at two operations, Howick Coal Preparation Plant and Newdell Coal Preparation Plant within the same organisation, Howick Coal.

The only common thread between the two operations is the product (coal) and management structure; the culture at each site is “poles” apart. The principals for assuring asset capability should be applied across four distinct areas related to plant and equipment performance – Systems, People, Plant and Process.
Consequently, the original intent and objective was revised to address the people issues to achieve effective change. The people at both operations had to be nurtured and developed to achieve an effective balance to ensure the systems implemented were effective. Click here to read more

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