Maintenance & Reliability in Asset Management


Felicia Tristanto

An organization’s maintenance strategy may consist of many thousands, even tens or hundreds of thousands of preventive maintenance activities. These activities, properly executed, determine the success of the preventive maintenance program.

The management of large volumes of preventive maintenance activities is a challenge for maintenance practitioners. Maintenance activities do not exist as a single entity within the work management system, and it is often difficult to associate performance indicators with individual activities. Additionally the lack of a methodology for segregating and managing activities as a whole has not been well documented. Quadrant Analysis can be used to visualize and segregate maintenance activities based on simple easures of business risk, cost and performance. This paper explores the application of quadrant analysis to the management of preventive maintenance activities. Actual data is demonstrated and shows how quadrant analysis can be used to drive strategies for data collection, determine causal analysis strategies, and apply risk based maintenance analysis. Examples and case studies from Australian and overseas organisations are presented in this paper. Click here to read more

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