Energy Efficiency and Asset Management

The South Australian Government recently announced major plans and investment into reducing energy costs in government buildings.

The $60 million commitment is expected to generate hundreds of local jobs, as tradies provide retrofits to existing building assets. Older buildings can get very hot in summer, yet by simply upgrading lighting and insulation, installing air-conditioning and adding sensors and energy management software programs, these government buildings can improve energy efficiency ratings, while also ensuring they are more comfortable and healthier places to work1.

With a focus on lowering greenhouse gas emissions many organisations are working towards incorporating green initiatives in an asset management plan. Sustainable asset management involves best-practice for the asset itself, but also includes a wider catchment. Sustainable methods of asset management considers the environment and local community, while ensuring organisation and global carbon emission targets are met. A business-wide approach will ensure that sustainable asset management becomes part of the culture, and that the reliability of the asset is safeguarded while measuring cost, risk and performance.

Managing assets in a more sustainable method is something all industries ought to be aiming for. The South Australian Government is working towards its goal of reducing emissions by more than 50% by 2030 from 2005 levels, and the current retrofits to government buildings proves that asset management and energy efficiency make valuable partnerships in both the public and private sector.

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