Noel Collins

Data in Asset ManagementChair Asset Strategy Engineer
Origin Energy

Noel is supported by fellow committee members Ravi Malik and Michael Van Doornik.

Fifteen million dollars is being invested by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to RayGen for the building of a new solar hydro power plant.

The world-first solar hydro power plant comprises RayGen’s patented PV Ultra technology, a concentrating photovoltaic solar cogeneration tower, with electro-thermal storage. The electro-thermal storage system consists of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbine, industrial chillers and two insulated water-based thermal storage pits or reservoirs, each roughly the size of four Olympic size swimming pools. One of the reservoirs is kept at a temperature of 90 degrees and the other at close to 0 degrees, and the temperature difference is used to generate dispatchable electricity using ORC turbines. The RayGen Power Plant Carwarp (RPPC) will add 4MW of solar and 3MW/50MWh of storage to the West Murray Grid. The project is expected to reach commercial operation within twelve months and will have an asset lifecycle of thirty years. The PV Ultra technology has had six years of successful operation at RayGen’s facility in Victoria1.

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21 April 2022
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Webinar - ISO 55001 in Regulation - Dam Safety NSW