Roads Maintenance Safety in SA

Road safety is a crucial element of public infrastructure and in South Australia, over $100 million1 has been allocated towards the maintenance and upkeep of major thoroughfares. 

Metropolitan Adelaide is experiencing competition between different modes of transport and types of road users. The provision of access and priority is behind the drive for infrastructure improvements, such as intersection upgrades and leveraging of new technologies.

The maintenance of roads is a key priority as it ensures the ability to provide efficient and safe movement of people and goods across the metro region. The announcement of major upgrades will create local jobs and a channel to navigate the state through the pandemic caused by COVID-19, and include:

  • Port Road – Grand Junction Rd to East Ave
  • Fullarton Road – Glen Osmond Rd to Carrick Hill
  • Anzac Highway – Marion Rd to Morphett Rd
  • Marion Road – Richmond Rd to Anzac Hwy2

With 40,000 – 70,0003 vehicles travelling on roads in the North South corridor, and up to 62,0004 in the Inner City Ring route each day, supported by a complex network of computer, video and communication technology that incorporates monitoring flow of traffic and quick response to incidents, the plan to keep increasing traffic moving safely underpins all maintenance work.    

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