Up Up And Away

The works on the second runway at Brisbane Airport have not slowed down, not even in the face of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19.

The project is on track and under budget, ready for airplanes to take off and touch down from the 12th July 2020.

While most of the nation was behind closed doors, essential workers onsite at Brisbane Airport celebrated the practical completion of the runway. A detailed commissioning process is continuing as part of the Operational Readiness and Testing (ORAT) program.

When the runway is operational next month, it will be Australia’s most efficient runway system, and one of the best in the world, on par with international aviation hubs such as Hong Kong. The second runway will open Queensland to the rest of the world, attracting new carriers and routes, and subsequently bringing in tourism dollars and wide economic benefits1. It’s a celebration of a lengthy planning process, some forty years in the making.

Let us know your thoughts on the creation of the new runway in Brisbane. Have you been one of the near-4000 workers inducted to work onsite over the period of its construction? We’d love to hear from you regarding this exciting moment for Brisbane, and Australia more broadly. 

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