The Great Western Highway runs from Sydney to Bathurst, across the Blue Mountains, and is one of Australia’s most iconic roads. It is a well-used route for the freight industry, tourists, and families, providing the connecting link between regional centres of Portland, Bathurst, and Lithgow.

As the ribbon of road traces its way towards Bathurst, motorists can expect to see roadworks over the next few months, as the NSW government is injecting $8 million into upgrades including widening of the centreline and shoulders, improved drainage, and rebuilding works1.

These planned works follow $2 million2 improvements to the intersection of Range Road and Great Western Highway, where safety barriers have been constructed, as well as a dedicated turning lane into Range Road and upgrades to the intersection itself. 

The demand placed on road assets by an increased traffic flow brings on the deterioration of pavements and other base elements which rapidly reduces the asset’s function and life expectancy. Therefore, road assets must be upgraded in line with current and predicted future use to maintain a healthy condition, imperative to the smooth flow of traffic and the safety of our communities.

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