TrainsOn Wednesday, 26 August 2020, the Brisbane Chapter hosted a webinar on reliability improvement, with over 140 attendees dialling in across Australia and internationally. The webinar saw Frank Gabriel, Principal Consultant at Railconfidence, present on a real-life reliability improvement program undertaken for a major Australian rail operator. In a point of difference from traditional presentations stemming from the rail sector, the focus of Frank’s presentation was on the mobile equipment used to maintain rail infrastructure, rather than the rail infrastructure itself.

As part of his presentation, Frank highlighted the importance of maintaining the reliability of specialised, rail-bound machinery in achieving service outcomes, explored the use of MTBF (mean time between failures) and MTTR (mean time to repair) as performance indicators, and outlined a methodology through which these performance indicators can be used to develop a targeted reliability improvement program.

Frank concluded his presentation by providing an overview of the fleet performance improvements delivered by the reliability improvement program. A particularly significant improvement was observed in the MTBF performance indicator, where an increase of almost 900% in MTBF was realised.

Asset Management Council members can catch up on the recorded session here (need to be logged into your AMCouncil account before clicking):

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