IV ReportNot too long ago, before the coronavirus pandemic, when everyone was still going on with their daily lives, Victoria’s transport network was struggling to meet with demand. It may seem like a lifetime ago, but people spent inordinate periods of time squashed on trains, or arrived late to work due to a collision that shut down the main arterial roads into the CBD.

Infrastructure Victoria knows that, despite most of us currently sequestered inside and working from home, life will soon return to its usual pace. This pandemic will be a blip in history’s timeline. And the transport system will struggle once more. That’s why the team are still focussed on tasks.

The report entitled, Good Move: Fixing Transport Congestion – March 2020, looks at a number of problems and different paths to address them. The three major identified problems as noted in the report are:

  • Longer travel times due to congestion
  • Traditional solutions lack contemporary answers
  • Current system is unfair and fails to offer incentives1

The report takes an in-depth look at transport options around the world, and offers an overhaul of the pricing structure here in Victoria for the government to consider. Transport Network Pricing is one avenue that can make public transport fairer for all users, as well as a more appealing choice for getting around the city. Options to revamp the pricing structure for multi-level car parks in the city will also provide an incentive for commuters to get off the road, and into public transport.

For more information about the report, including a PDF version, please click here.

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