Young Asset Management Practitioners (YAMP)


Reza Esmaeili

YAMP Chair Reza Esmaeili, M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, is a highly qualified and experienced engineer with more than 8 years of practical expertise in Asset Management, Reliability, and Asset Performance management.

Reza has extensively worked in Australia and overseas in a variety of roles. He has led several teams in driving positive changes within large engineering operations in Australia, South East Asia, North America and Middle East in a variety of industries including Mining, Oil & Gas, and Utilities.

He is also actively working in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and "Digital" Asset Management area and their mutually-supportive relationship in enabling operations to achieve an effective asset management. He is delighted to share his knowledge and experience with colleagues and clients.

razvan chisu Ua agENjmI4 unsplashThe AMCouncil Sydney Chapter held a special webinar broadcast showcasing stories from some of the chapter's young asset management practitioners. A summary of who was showcased follows, along with links to review their recorded presentations (AMCouncil members only, make sure you are logged in first before clicking on the links):

Topic: Optimising Whole of Life, Risk and Performance - Warwick Garth

View presentation here

Ballast modelling showing how Sydney trains manage Ballast asset life. Looking at optimising optimal performance from not only Ballast but the whole asset base. Target conditions and funding scenario modelling is key to understand how the asset is best managed. Quantitative modelling to better manage the asset is key to achieve the most values from the customers. 

Topic: Utilisation of Asset Management Skills - Andrew Scott

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Discussed the Asset Management System Framework within Ausgrid. Specifically talked about the role and current focus of performance monitoring, looking at linking corporate objectives to asset objectives and getting measures correct then monitoring these leading (e.g. age profiles) and lagging (e.g. failure rates) indicators. Integration of data systems is key to be able to gain better insights on asset performance. Assurance assists in not only managing data set quality but also allows a better focus on managing the asset with cross checking measures being automated.

Topic: Snippets of my journey - Myles Gatherer

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Myles described his career journey. Discussed the IAM Anatomy of Asset Management. Used this model to understand a persons blind spots of understanding Asset Management. Is important to have your systems up to certain levels, not missing in certain areas. Need to have your systems working in unison.

Myles linked this this model to his career journey and his developing understanding of Asset Management Systems. Discussed observations from a consultants view to assist businesses in improving their Asset Management practices. Shared frustrations but also strengths that Consultants can add to a business.

Young Asset Management Themed Questions that were answered in the Webinar:

  • Top tips for young Asset Managers starting in their career?
  • How do you use your stakeholder management skills to unlock other data sets?
  • How do I get Top Management on board to assist in Asset Management?
  • Qualifications in Asset Management? Are they needed? Do young asset managers need to gain qualification.

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