Young Asset Management Practitioners (YAMP)


Reza Esmaeili

YAMP Chair Reza Esmaeili, M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, is a highly qualified and experienced engineer with more than 8 years of practical expertise in Asset Management, Reliability, and Asset Performance management.

Reza has extensively worked in Australia and overseas in a variety of roles. He has led several teams in driving positive changes within large engineering operations in Australia, South East Asia, North America and Middle East in a variety of industries including Mining, Oil & Gas, and Utilities.

He is also actively working in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and "Digital" Asset Management area and their mutually-supportive relationship in enabling operations to achieve an effective asset management. He is delighted to share his knowledge and experience with colleagues and clients.


Expressions of interest wanted for AMCouncil Melbourne Chapter YAMP Representative

The Melbourne chapter is seeking a highly qualified practitioner in asset management to serve as its Chapter Chair for the Young Asset Management Practitioners Group. The following credentials and qualities are desired:

-Professional organisation experience, in a technical or engineering society, with an understanding of organisational governance for young organisation start-up capability

-Demonstrable experience in achieving results in a technical committee role at a local, division level, creating or leading programming

-Ability to work and relate with a wide range of experience levels for effective generational exchange and policy development

-Have access to markets that the YAMP group serves, typically the under 35 space, from career starting university students to experienced young professionals with significant responsibility or experts in their fields
- Can collaborate with young individuals having diverse needs and capabilities, work alongside them as respectable equals and promote all to be the best possible professionals

-Able to challenge the status quo effectively to achieve results, for effective policies and decision making on behalf of the younger generation, and advocate for the value of YAMPs in the industry

-Committed to technical excellence, with a passion for innovation, ability to apply technical skill in new formats and in emerging technical areas to lead strong, value achieving technical programming and professional development important for industry progress

As this is a volunteer position with no remuneration attached the incumbent needs to be able to demonstrate they have capacity to devote some time to the position beyond their daily employed position.

Please send your application to stating why you would like the volunteer role and what you would bring to the role.


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