Asset Management Council (AMCouncil) & Centre for Professional Engineering and Education (CPEE) celebrate Australasian launch of new Asset Management Course

hiclipart.comWe are currently experiencing the largest ever construction build of infrastructure in many states across the country. Australia’s focus on delivering projects in the built environment as a pathway to recovery post COVID, means delivering excellence in infrastructure, roads, construction and transport. Understanding, managing, and optimizing the asset base sustainably in this environment is essential for success. 

A collaborative partnership has been established between the Asset Management Council (AMCouncil) and the Centre for Professional Engineering Education (CPEE)  to create a course to meet current industry needs delivering best practice, resulting in the launch of the new four unit Graduate Certificate in Asset Management in 2021. This program directly addresses upskilling in the area of infrastructure and roads, with the two core units being 'Asset Management Principles' and 'Economics of Financial Management'.

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Online Asset Map

Online Asset MapDigital tools are becoming an increasingly beneficial element of asset management. Digital asset management can be approached in many different ways: an entire system designed from the ground up, or stand-alone tools that help diagnose when an asset needs maintenance or to provide alerts regarding breakdown and failure.

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Calling all Asset Management Fundamental Graduates

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As an Asset Management Fundamentals Class of 2020 graduate, we warmly invite you to a special upcoming AMCouncil CAAM Alumni event. Please join us for a half hour webinar conversational session on the 30th November, hosted by Dr. Monique Beedles, Director on the AMCouncil Board and internationally recognised thought leader for asset management.

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