The Asset Journal, Issue 4, Volume 8, 2014, Out Now

cover 0804The Asset Journal Volume 8 Issue 4

Welcome to Issue 4, Volume 8 of The Asset Journal - the official publication of the Asset Management Council.

This issue is focussed on industry and alliance. We present papers from Canada, Philippines and Australia on using asset management to transform culture, using modern maintenance techniques for heritage vehicles, and improving system reliability via synergising methodology and technology.

This issue also contains material on the globally recognised Certified Asset Management Assessor program, as well as results from the second wave of the stakeholder survey.


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MEDIA RELEASE: Latest Thinking, Technical Information and Industry Developments via AM Council

Providing a Wealth of Asset Management Information!

The Asset Management Council is your first point of contact for ‘Everything Asset Management’. The Organisation’s mission ‘to engage stakeholders, transfer knowledge and create a deeper understanding of Asset Management practises,’ has been its successful catch-cry for nearly two decades in the facilitation of critical information to experienced and aspiring asset management professionals.

In person (

Chapter Events: Twelve AM Council Chapters, throughout Australia, each deliver technical presentations and papers on a diverse range of asset management subjects throughout the year. Recent Chapter sessions have included: development of asset management plans; risk assessment, the changing role of asset management; and ISO 5500X.

National Symposium: ‘Transforming Your Outcomes through Asset Management’, 21st November 2014 will be held at the Sydney SMC Conference Centre and focus on government and infrastructure.

Conference: AMPEAK Sydney 24-28 May 2015 – Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, where 300 delegates and exhibitors will deliver on local and global asset management topics. 

Training: the recently revised one day ‘Asset Management Fundamentals Course’ is delivered nationally throughout the year.

Online (

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AM Council in Brazil

Exam Beta Test 29CBMGA out2014.1The 29th National Congress of Maintenance and Asset Management, and XXIX Exhibition of Products, Services and Equipment Maintenance and Asset Management, was held in Santos, Brazil between September 29 and October 03 2014. The conference attracted over 400 delegates, speakers and exhibitors. The Asset Management Council was represented at this event by Board Member, Deryk Anderson. The attendance of the Asset Management Council at this ABRAMAN event continues the collaboration between the Australian and Brazilian Asset Management associations.

During the conference, the Asset Management Council’s Asset Management Fundamentals course was presented to approximately seventy participants. Sequential translation was used to conduct the one day session in both English and Portuguese.

A pilot of the Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) exam was also run with 26 people attending. This pilot raised the number of test candidates globally to around 50 and enabled the assessment of the impact of English as a second language on exam results.

Reflecting on the experience Deryk said: “There are many similarities between asset management professionals in Brazil and Australia. We are at similar stages in our development, and there is much we can learn from each other. I look forward to the continuing trend of collaboration between our organisations and the benefits that it brings.”

MEDIA RELEASE: In Recognition of Asset Management Council Volunteers

Unsung heroes! Assets of the Asset Management Council! Whatever the description, there is no doubt that Asset Management Council volunteers are leaders of industry, who volunteer their time to enrich the services and products of the Asset Management Council, for the benefit of the greater asset management community.

Findings from a recent 2014 Stakeholder Survey showed the importance of volunteers and clear evidence from the asset management community for continued access to good quality information. This has led to enhancing the volunteer structure and portfolio to further support the needs of the members and the asset management community.

Introducing ‘The Executive

Volunteering time, knowledge, experience, contacts and above all enthusiasm, it is the role of ‘The Executive’ to drive and promote transparency in decision making and sharing across the many facets which constitute the Asset Management Council.

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MEDIA RELEASE: GFMAM Launches ISO 55001 Assessor/Auditor Specification

"Our vision is to be a worldwide community of organisations providing leadership for maintenance and asset management communities"

Hans Klemme-Wolff - Founding Chairman - GFMAM

GFMAMP1-1005Established in 2010, the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) consists of ten not-for-profit maintenance and asset management organisations from around the world. An enduring objective of the GFMAM is to facilitate the exchange and alignment of maintenance and asset management knowledge practices; the lever which commenced the universal branding and unification of asset management, by way of the Asset Management Landscape ( and its subsequent updates.

With the Landscape and the publication of ISO 5500X Asset Management Standard, the GFMAM created the ‘Competency Specification for an ISO 55001 Asset Management Auditor Assessor’ to support the competence of people who audit or assess organisations to ISO 55001. Recently a joint venture, World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM), was formed to deliver outcomes from this specification.

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