Stakeholder Survey now closed

The Asset Management Council Team would like to thank everyone who participated. The Asset Management Council exists to serve its members and the asset management community at large, and your feedback is incredibly valuable to us.

The Stakeholder Survey Results will be published in the next issue of The Asset Journal.

Congratulations to Rajesh Gohel, winner of the $200 JBHiFi voucher.

The next Stakeholder Survey will be launched in early 2015.

MEDIA RELEASE: New Chair of the Asset Management Council

Glenn Ingram, CFAM

Why the AM Council Board is so important to the asset management community


Glenn Ingram - AM Council ChairmanThe Asset Management Council was established to provide strategic leadership, prudent governance and to further the discipline and the profession of  asset management.

Through global linkages and an active member base, its aim is to a create deeper understanding; engage communities to value  and use asset management; support organisations to improve business performance and subsequently enrich the ‘Asset Management Body of Knowledge’; increase the capabilities of individuals and organisations and benefit stakeholders.

The current Board is an eclectic mix of highly experienced professionals, united and focused on the common goal of contributing to deliver improved organisational effectiveness; expand perspectives and horizons, increase technical capabilities, and continuously refine the Body of Knowledge to grow and enhance the asset management community. In short, today’s Board members are heavy-weights in long-haul strategic thinking; have clarity and a diverse, yet deep, inner understanding of the essential values of asset management.

Glenn Ingram, the new Chair of the Asset Management Council Board, is one such individual. Highly accredited...Click here to read more



MEDIA RELEASE ‘The Asset Journal’ supports asset management community

The Asset Journal, Asset Management Council -

‘The Asset Journal', one of the highest valued Asset Management Council services since 2007

Hardcopy and Free Online Download

‘The Asset Journal’, issued quarterly, is now celebrating its seventh year of imparting knowledge from industry leaders and senior practitioners to the greater asset management community. A prime vehicle, this substantial publication delivers a series of technical and non-technical articles; tutorials from the Asset Management Fundamentals course; myths in asset management; updates from the Global Forum; AM Council news; important diary dates as well insightful articles from the CEO and the Chairman about Industry and AM Council advancements and their effect on the asset management community.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Become a Certified Asset Management Assessor for ISO 55001

Recognised in Australia, USA, Canada and Brazil & ISO 55001, ISO 17021-5, ISO 19011 Compliant

Certification for ISO 55001 assessors is to be released this October!

Certification will benefit all participants of the program. From major organisations and companies confirming a credentialed workforce, to owner operators managing their own assets and implementing improvements to increase returns and productivity; through to individuals with experience and those aiming to advance their careers in Asset Management. It’s a winning combination: development of people and capabilities, gaining compliance, adding value to an asset and strengthening stakeholder relationships.

Certified Asset Management Assessors (CAMA) will now be recognised throughout Australia, USA, Canada, and Brazil. Certification complies with ISO 55001 Asset Management standards in core requirements and knowledge; ISO 17021-5 (Conformity assessment -- Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems -- Part 5: Competence requirements for auditing and certification of asset management systems); and ISO 19011 (Guidelines for auditing management systems).

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MEDIA RELEASE: 'Living Asset Management' - Not Just Another Textbook

‘this book is different… the ideas presented represent a paradigm shift in thinking about asset management. Rather than the traditional approach of focusing on plant and equipment, systems and processes, this book focuses on people and the need for good leadership and strategies for developing a high performance culture which ensures excellence in asset management…’

Dr. Marlene Kanga, 2013 National President of Engineers Australia

‘Living Asset Management’ is a must read for anyone on the asset management career path, and is targeted towards those in leadership roles and senior management. Case studies are supported by theory and every anecdote is thorough and relevant. This is not just another textbook!

The authors have a combined global experience spanning some sixty years; hard won knowledge which has allowed them to identify and form a firm belief that effective asset management is a value driver for any business. It allows organisations to meet their objectives and make the best use of available resources. It’s a ‘win-win’ situation for all parties: asset managers, the organisation, stakeholders and the assets.

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