Introducing: AMTalks

The Asset Management Council is excited to announce the launch of its online multimedia resource centre: AMTalks.


Found here, under the AMBoK section of the Asset Management Council website, this asset management-centric audio visual resource is available to anyone and everyone interested in asset management. There are currently five videos uploaded, with many more to come, as well as other multimedia on the way.

AMTalks ScreenCap 

To discuss the content, or suggest new video topics, please visit our Linked In page and have your say:


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The Asset Journal, Issue 4, Volume 6, 2012, Out Now


Sustainability & Dependability

Welcome to Issue 4, Volume 6 of The Asset Journal - the official publication of the Asset Management Council.

Commencing in 2007, The Asset Journal continues to cover the latest asset management and maintenance topics for its members and the wider asset management and maintenance community.

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