With members located in over 17 countries - including Sweden, Taiwan, Tanzania, United Kingdom, United States of America and Venezuela - the Asset Management Council offers an Overseas Chapter to facilitate cross cultural communication and to properly represent the needs of our international members. Leading the Overseas Chapter is Chapter Chair Danny Azavedo. Danny is also an Awards Assessor for the Asset Management Awards. Learn more about Danny with the following Q&A... Danny_Azavedo


Name: Danny Azavedo

Asset Management Council Position: Overseas Chapter Chair

Employment Position: Maintenance Strategy Leader

Why did you take on the role to become a Chapter Chair? I have been involved in propagating Asset Management overseas. I also have worked in a number of countries overseas, speak a number of languages and appreciate their respective cultures.

What are a couple of your favourite highlights from your time as Chapter Chair?

Getting a number of people that I have met during my international travel to interact with the Asset Management Council. Being invited to travel and deliver talks on the Asset Management Council and asset management in India, Italy and the Pacific Islands.

What are some of the difficulties you have experienced in your role as Chapter Chair?

Example request from Chile as to how we could have an Overseas Chapter meeting. The time difference when I would like to speak to a person overseas.

What are some of the rewards in being the Overseas Chapter Chair?

Facilitating opportunities for individuals from different countries to communicate with each other on Asset Management and Maintenance.

Do you have any specific areas of interest within the field of asset management and maintenance?

Life cycle management of Long lived assets.

In your spare time, what hobbies do you enjoy undertaking?

Reading and researching asset management, maintenance and reliability. Also, helping students with their theses in maintenance and reliability engineering.