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Welcome to Issue 1, Volume 6 of The Asset Journal - the official publication of the Asset Management Council.

Commencing in 2007, The Asset Journal continues to cover the latest asset management and maintenance topics for its members and the wider asset management and maintenance community.

Special Features

Technical Article 1
Using Asset Management methods during the industrial plant design phase Celso de Azevedo, Ph.D., ASSETSMAN, France & Brazil

Technical Article 2
How To: Performance Culture The Asset Management Council in discussion with Phillip Campbell, Strategic Asset Management Inc.

Technical Article 3
Asset Management Landscape

Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management
Certification Project Update
Cindy Sneddon, P.Eng


Regular Features

From the Chief Executive Officer

From My Desk: Chairman's letter

Meeting Point: Dates for your Diary

Asset Management Council News
Technical Development Team's Direction and Current Projects
Asset Management and IEC Standards

Tutorial Part 9
Risk, Reliability and Life Cycle Cost

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