KONSPAK Conference

Peter Kohler AMBoK Commissioner (far right) and Head of JKR Dato' Ir. Dr. Hasnul Mohamad Salleh (fourth from right) and Deputy head of JKR Dato' Ir. Addullah Abdul Rahman (second from right) with other Heads of Malaysian Government Departments

In September this year, Peter Kohler (AMBoK Commissioner, Asset Management Council) presented one of two Keynote addresses at the Malaysian government’s KONSPAK two day conference. The theme of the conference was ‘Malaysian Strategic Development - Asset Management’. This address followed an invitation from the Malaysian government.
Peter’s one hour address provided the 1100 attendees with the background to the Principles of Asset Management, a summary of the role and value of asset management including the ISO 5500X Suite of standards.

This conference was attended by all the heads of all Malaysian government agencies and was hosted by JKR (Department of Public Works) and CIDB Malaysia (Construction Industry Development Board). Presentations were provided by the Economic Planning Unit from the Prime Minsters Department (strategic planning), the Malaysian Treasury (the introduction of Accrual Accounting) and the heads of all government agencies with a stake in the development, design and operation and maintenance of Malaysian infrastructure.

The conference concluded with a call by the head of JKR Dato' Ir. Dr. Hasnul Mohamad Salleh, for all government agencies to adopt asset management principles and for JKR in particular, a commitment to pursue ISO 55001 certification for all future infrastructure projects.