AMPEAKCongratulations to John Hardwick who was awarded Life Membership of the AMCouncil at the AMCouncil annual awards night held on Tuesday 4th April 2017 at Victoria Park Golf Course Brisbane

The Board of AMCouncil has made a unanimous decision to accept a nomination from the Sydney Chapter of the AMCouncil and present a Life Membership Award this year to John Hardwick.
John has been inspirational to the Sydney Chapter, the AM Council and the wider Asset Management community through his consistent and unwavering leadership in leading change in the discipline of Asset Management in Australia and overseas. John has a long history of contributions to the AM Council, and it’s predecessor MESA, over the past 17 years, from Chapter Chair, Board Member, PC251 representative, Chair GFMAM, Chair World Partners in Asset Management and winning many asset management awards in his organisation and personally.
John has always been a leading proponent of the value of asset management. He is an exemplar of change, proactive in taking a fresh look, and in articulating value.
John’s voluntary commitment to the Asset Management Council and to Asset Management more broadly, is clearly evident through the personal sacrifice of many hundreds of hours of committed focus and effort along the asset management journey. It is this ongoing commitment and contribution to Asset Management that is commended in his award of Life membership to the Asset Management Council.