Asset Management Lament

The Winning Entry in the 2010 Asset Management Song Contest

Asset Management Lament
[to the tune of  “click go the shears”]

By George and colleagues from State Water.

Out on the floor the old fitter stands
Grasping his tools in his thin boney hands;
Fixed is his gaze over all the factory floor
Praying there’s no breakdowns till he gets out of the door

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Training Intensive: Risk and Reliability for Good Asset Management Monday, 9 November 2009

Reliability analysis is the means by which we assess the future behaviour of equipment and decide if and when we should intervene with enhancement, maintenance or disposal actions. That is, "we will look into the future and if we do not like it we will change it".

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Read more: Training Intensive: Risk and Reliability for Good Asset Management Monday, 9 November 2009

Asset Management Fundamentals

Asset Management Fundamentals is a one day training course designed to provide participants with a broad understanding of how their organisations can benefit from optimal asset management systems.

  • Participants will learn about Asset Management Models and good asset management processes.
  • They will also learn the asset management language consistent with the Asset Management Council Glossary to effectively communicate internally and externally.

When a recent attendee of the Asset Management Fundamentals Training Program was asked what they believed to be the best aspect of the course, they replied: “Understanding the concepts, principles and how to apply it to 'real world' situations”The course offers attendees the opportunity to learn valuable concepts and principles. Attendees will also identify the important contribution they can provide to the successful application of asset management systems within their organisation.

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