Research Industry Day BannerRecently, the Asset Management Council, in collaboration with Federation University (Fed Uni), held its inaugural Research and Industry Day. Virtual delegates were treated to the latest in asset management from post-graduate research students and industry leaders.

Dr Gopinath Chattopadhyay, Post-graduate Coordinator Maintenance and Reliability, kicked off the day with insight into the current research projects and the structure of the program delivered through Fed Uni. Dr Gopi’s presentation was followed by industry insight from WSP Australia asset management experts, Pierre Fernandez and Kiran Gokal, speaking to the approach used for Kunda Park water main renewal.

Ben Buurman, student at Fed Uni’s School of Engineering, IT and Physical Sciences, followed with a presentation on the use of IoT to design an Intelligent Sewage Blockage Detection System. Master’s student, Selvakumar Lakshminarayanan presented his findings relating to Reliability Analysis for Safety of Industrial Structures.

A presentation on Performance Measure for Total Productive Maintenance in assessing and reducing risk was delivered by Vickram Chundhoo. An interesting look into a journey towards zero waste mining formed the basis of the presentation by Dr Barun Gorain, Managing Director, Ore2Metal Inc, entitled Recovery of Metal Values from Mine Tailings.

The final three presentations gave delegates an international glimpse into asset management with a focus on India and South Africa. Professor Jhareswar Maiti from the Indian Institute of Technology gave insight into Advanced Technologies and Techniques in Safety and Health Management, followed by a post-graduate student from the University of Johannesburg, Katleho Mafokosi on Asset Management in South African Rail using System Dynamics for Reducing Risk, Costs and Enhancing Performance. Back to India to close the presentations with Asset Management in Commercial Coal Mining in India: expectations and reality for a new mining paradigm, delivered by Dr Khanindra Pathak of the Department of Mining Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.

The RAID presentations were a fine way to demonstrate the collaboration and importance to knowledge-sharing within the asset management community. Download the day's report here.