Thursday 24th Feb saw Brisbane Chapter host a Technical session on Mythbusting Asset Management presented by Keith Paintin and Stephen Walker to over 120 participants. The session explored some common misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding Asset Management. This session was also aimed at those people new to Asset Management and wanted to understand the basics.

The topics presented including items such as

  • Asset Management can’t be described simply - can it ?
  • Are Asset Management benefits marginal?
  • Are there any key concepts?
  • I’ve got risk management, do I need Asset Management?  
  • Asset Management doesn’t apply to my organisation
  • Does an Asset Management Career exist?

These statements  were explored with a mixture of theory and real world examples of why these statements are incorrect.

The next session being hosted by the Brisbane chapter is on 31st March on “Stakeholder engagement  - the right conversation at the right time” .

You can re-watch the recorded presentation and download the slide pack from the following links: (Content available for members only. To see our affordable membership options, visit here).