Image Three CroppedThe Sydney Chapter of the AMCouncil recently got together to take a look into Facilities Management and in particular the recent ISO Standards. Stephen Ballesty, Director In Touch Advisory, guided us through the new standards and the difference/alignments with ISO55000. Read on for further details.

Every Asset Manager should be aware of this area of professional practice focused on the built environment, so don't miss out on this opportunity. The history of Facilities Management and the drivers for improving FM practice has been quite separate from the development of Asset Management practice. This is a great opportunity to hear from a person who has been involved across both sets of standards.

The release in 2017 of the first ISO 41000 international Facility Management (FM) standards contributes directly to the Sustainability and Resilience of the FM profession.  ISO 41000 is a game changer and provides a framework for FM and impacts on the efficiency and productivity of organizations and associated individuals.

As FM standards make their debut on the international stage, Facility Managers begin to have a common language and a framework to support global consistency in the delivery of services, fine-tune performance and manage risks while allowing businesses to operate in a more effective, efficient and sustainable manner. New ISO standards for Facility Management (FM) have arrived:

  • ISO 41011:2017 FM Vocabulary
  • ISO 41012:2017 FM Guidance on strategic sourcing and agreements
  • ISO 41013:2018 FM Scope, key concepts and benefits technical report

ISO 41001:2018 FM Management System Standard – Requirements with guidance for use, was released in April.
On 26 June this year ISO/TC-251 and ISO/TC-267 released their first joint paper entitled: with ISO 55001 & ISO 41001 Work Together to Improve Organizational Performance and Quality of Life
This presentation will also address the leadership and culture issues surrounding ISO 41000 and ISO 55000, and the impact of standards on managing our Built Environment.

You can view Stephen's presentation shared at the session, along with the joint AM/FM Paper by TC251 and TC267using the following links: (Content available for members only. To see our affordable membership options, visit here).

And also, check out a couple of the pics from the event below:

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