WiAM take a deep dive into rail network initatives

pic 1Last week, our Women in Asset Management special interest group hosted the Sydney Chapter Asset Management Council webinar - Lidija Dumbaloska, Professional Head, Electrical Engineering, Engineering & System Integrity, Sydney Trains joined with Alan Skofic, Principal Engineer, Substations, Sydney Trains provided the virtual audience with a comprehensive deep dive in to Electrical Initiatives and strategies that have commenced and are implemented on a rail network.

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Homemade UAVs for Defence

UAVsBoeing Australia’s Loyal Wingman UAV has been on the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) radar since May 2020.

The aircraft uses artificial intelligence to extend capabilities, and it’s the first to be designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia in 50 years. The UAV was engineered using a digital twin to model its structures, systems and full lifecycle requirements and manufactured with the largest resin-infused single composite piece1.

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Cyber Threats to Infrastructure

Cyber ThreatsEvery society depends on infrastructure: energy, roads and transport, supply chains, water, and communications. The computerised connectedness of all critical infrastructure, along with our dependence on its reliability, means it is exposed to cyber-attacks and functioning societies are therefore at risk of significant disruption.

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Build a bridge and get over it

Sydney HarbourBridges are more than a just a crossing over a body of water. Some of them are a work of art, a perfect juxtaposition of engineering and a creative flair.

But bridges can also be a perfect metaphor for resilience. Think of the tenacity behind crafting a striking design, or the underpinning strength required in pylons to support the overall structure. Think of the countless trips a bridge carries as people move from one community to another. Bridges help us to get over barriers in our journeys.

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Three Common Obstacles to Building Resilience in Infrastructure

Common ObstaclesThis year, the Asset Management Council’s annual government communities of practice summit focused on resilience. It’s a timely subject, given the pandemic caused by coronavirus and prevalence of natural disasters, such as the current wildfires in California or the recent bushfires in Australia.

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