COVID-19 helps usher in policies to reduce effects of climate change

covid1Readers might remember that only last year, and in the first few months of 2020, many of us were focussed on the world’s changing climate and its negative impact on the environment. And then, coronavirus swept across the globe and wholly took our attention. However, countries are awakening from the COVID coma and we are being urged to slowly, carefully, return to our lives. But you may notice, we are not being advised to return to our old ways. Take the United Kingdom for example, where in late May, local councils were directed by the government to increase spaces to allow for social distancing measures as people return to work and school.

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What becomes of Hazelwood?

HazelNow the chimneys are felled, what will become of the Hazelwood Power Station site?

Hazelwood is a 4000 hectare site that includes among the defunct brown coal-fired power station, a 1281 hectare mine void, operational switchyard, a 524 hectare pondage, as well as landfill and dump areas1. It is owned by Engie, a French-based energy provider.

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And the towers crashed down

Crashed Down

The eight towers at the defunct Hazelwood Power Station in Morwell, Victoria, came tumbling down on Monday in a controlled demolition that highlights the end of an era.

The 137 metre1 chimney assets operated for more than fifty years before the brown coal-fired power station was shut down in 2017. During its years of operation, the generating units collectively produced 1600MW of electricity and the power station provided more than twenty-five percent of power to Victorians2.

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Good news for Australian Military training facility


The contract to build an $800 million facility in Greenvale, Queensland, is underway, with shortlisted candidates announced.

They are Lendlease, CPB Contractors, and Lang O’Rourke.

The Australian-Singapore Military Training Initiative (ASMTI) will enhance the needs of the ADF and Singapore’s Armed Forces. The training facility will strengthen the collaboration and commitment, and will bring an enhanced benefit to both countries’ defence forces1.

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